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Get back on your feet faster — no matter how you’re feeling — with Accelerated Therapy.

Your path to feeling better sooner
Inspired by intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), your Accelerated Therapy program is uniquely yours, built around what feeling better looks like for you.
Build knowledge
Get a better understanding of how you’re feeling, why, and what better looks like.
Learn skills
Discover strategies and know-how to stay on track, even if things get hard.
Gain support
Lean on a team of therapists, doctors, and nurses, always taps away.
Accelerated Therapy is rooted in strategies
clinically-proven to be more effective than regular therapy.
Accelerated Therapy
Start feeling better on your schedule
Make a fresh start with one-on-one and group therapy, medication delivered to your door, or both — all 100% virtual.
Morning journaling
Video check-in
Virtual group therapy
Medication delivered to your door, if needed
Virtual one-on-one therapy
Practice coping skills
Virtual group therapy
Evening journaling
Medical appointment
Post-program planning session
Morning journaling
Virtual group therapy
Sample week
Skip the waitlist
To design your unique Accelerated Therapy program, let’s start with a few quick questions.
We’ll be with you every step of the way
Feel safe knowing someone is by your side 24/7
Mayra Koedam
Nurse Practitioner
APRN-CNP, PMHNP, Walden University
Someone like Mayra will help your teenager feel more stable by prescribing medications that can help improve their mood.
Jennifer Hooper
Licensed Therapist
They’ll have one-on-one therapy with someone like Jennifer for emotional support and to pinpoint what’s driving negative thoughts.
Lourdine Jean-Baptiste
Group Facilitator
DNP, APRN, University of Florida
Someone like Lourdine will lead group therapy sessions, helping them understand what they’re going through and teaching coping skills.
Trusted by thousands of people like you
“I was amazed by how helpful & caring everyone was. Definitely made seeking help so much easier.”
Virgil Patient
“For the first time in 30 years of suffering mentally, I actually felt like I was being heard and understood. That meant everything.”
Virgil Patient
“Everyone was so nice & patient with my questions! I'm extremely happy with how easy this was.”
Virgil Patient
Options have
you covered
During your free consultation, we'll build a plan to cover costs unique to you. If you have insurance, it could be 100% covered
The first step takes just 5 minutes
It’s ok to ask for help. No one has to do this on their own, and we’re here to support you.
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